Buyer’s FAQ – Cape Coral, Lee County:

  1. When purchasing or selling real estate in Lee County, Florida the closing should be handled through a licensed Title Company or a real estate attorney.
  2. No restrictions for non-residents regarding purchasing real estate in Florida
  3. Closing usually takes place within 30 days after effective date (= date when last party signed the contract) of contract.
  4. Deposit / earnest money when you are purchasing is required to show serious interest in this particular property. Amount can be as low as $100 (for vacant land in lower price range) up to …. For a home the deposit amount should be US$3,000 and up.
  5. Prior closing the purchase / sale the Title Company delivers the closing documents including the HUD settlement statement to seller and buyer, so all parties can see their costs in US$ amounts.
  6. Yearly fees and costs for the property you own are: property/ real estate taxes & stormwater fees (which are on a combined statement with the real estate taxes), lot mowing fees as well as special assessment fees for financed utility installments.
  7. Cape Coral City – Utility Extension Schedule shows which Units (areas) already have central/ city water available and sewer and which will get the utilities installed in the future. The Utility Extension Program as planned will provide full utility service to all areas (remaining platted lots) in the City by 2018.

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