5 Reasons That Makes Naples an Excellent Place to Live in Florida

Beautiful trees on the beach in Florida.

 Beautiful trees on the beach in Florida.

Have you taken a new job in Florida? Or maybe you always wanted to live in The Sunshine State. Whatever the reason is, Naples should be your top priority for a place to relocate in the Gulf Coast region. Dubbed as one of the Paradise Coasts in Florida, the city has a lot to offer to single people as well as families.

We don’t need to tell you much as Naples will charm you from the moment you arrive. Perched on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida, It’s an ecstasy for nature lovers and beach aficionados. Now, let’s not waste any time and dive into the top reasons that make Naples an excellent place to live in Florida:

Incredible beaches

When we say incredible beaches, we literally mean it. We can categorically term Florida as the best beach town in the country. You’ll find the sight of beautiful white sandy beaches majestic and spellbinding. We’re using these terms because it’s truly magical. Naples beachfront — in particular — is dubbed as one of the best beaches around the world.


Weather is one of the biggest deciding factors for people looking to settle in a new city. Lucky for you, Naples has a great climate. It sees 264 days, on average, of sunshine per year. If you like rainy weather, you’ll love Naples’ tropical weather year. For outdoor activities, the best period is from January to early May and from late October to late December.

Florida home with a beachfront.

Safety and low crime rate

Naples has the lowest crime rate for a metropolitan area in The Sunshine State. The main reasons are the ban on seedy strip clubs and other eyesores that contribute to unwanted behavior. The Gulf Coast city is a global melting pot with one common factor: a peaceful living environment, making it an ideal place to live.


Naples is one of the healthiest cities in Florida. The residents have access to excellent healthcare. There are several hospitals across the city that offer exceptional medical care. It doesn’t come across as a surprise that Naples metro area secured the top spot for life expectancy in the 24/7 Wall Street’s May report.

Amenities and education

Naples has plenty to offer, from high-end shopping malls to playgrounds, quality restaurants, and golf courses. The city offers a wide range of excellent arts and cultural entertainment. Drowned in natural beauty, Naples also provides excellent opportunities for outdoor adventurers, including stunning natural preserves, Naples Botanical Garden, and more.

Final words

These five reasons were just a few of the many reasons why Naples is a perfect place to start a new chapter of your life. We could go on and on. Naples is composed of many tightly-knit neighborhoods. Excellent schools and educational experiences, coupled with a growing economy and diverse environment, will make you fall in love with the city.

If you are looking for homes for sale in Naples, get in touch! We’re a trusted Florida realtor that will provide you access to top featured listings in Naples. Our professionals will help you pick the right home in your budget. We also have some great real estate deals available in the Cape Coral Real Estate market that’s just an hour’s drive shy from Naples.

5 Events That Make a Vacation Home in Cape Coral Worth It

A person relaxing on his vacation

Cape Coral attracts a lot of tourists, and there’s a reason for that. Here some of the best events that you’ll get to witness after purchasing a Cape Coral home:


Based on the famous German festival, this event is held courtesy of the local German American Social Club. It’s popular for its food, music, and celebration of the Bavarian culture.

The timing of the event is also great, as it happens just after the hot summer months—and the winter season in Cape Coral is always enjoyable.

If you’ve just moved to Cape Coral and want to get to know the people and the general culture, then there’s nothing better than this event.


The Coconut Festival

Attended by over 20,000 people, The Coconut Festival has become one of the signature events of the city. The main appeal of the event is two nights of stage performances by popular Rock and Country artists, and a huge fireworks display at the end.

Some of the other events of the festival include:

  • Various types of popular American food offerings
  • Great carnival rides for the whole family
  • Various types of attractions, including acrobats and dancers.


Sunset Celebration

Cape Coral is a part of Florida, the Sunshine State. The Sunset Celebration is held at the Yacht Club on the first Wednesdayof every month from October–April.

As for the facilities, the event has all the attractions one can expect, including local artists, musical performers, and food options.


Junk in the Trunkfest

Just because you’ve purchased a Cape Coral home doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a yard sale and look for hidden gems in someone else’s collection of old items. People from all over the city gather at one place to sell their old gatherings.

The event is an opportunity for the entire family to go on an adventure together and hunt for fun items.


Festival of Arts

Held in the second week of January, it is one of the most well-known art events in Florida. Many popular artists display their artwork to tens of thousands of visitors. It also has a typical mixture of food, music, and other festivities.

A woman heading towards her vacation

Get Your Cape Coral Real Estate Today

Cape Coral also hosts various other events such as the Cardboard Boat Regatta and the Cape Coral Bike Night.

Get in touch with us at Del Prado Realty today to find your ideal vacation home. Our Cape Coral realtors can also manage your property in your absence and even help you with new construction.

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4 Tax Benefits You Get When You Purchase A Home in Florida

Taxes written in capitalized font

There are many reasons why Florida is a popular place to live—the great weather, the beautiful tourist spots, the senior citizen community. However, there’s one advantage that trumps them all, the tax benefits.

Here are some of the biggest tax benefits that lead to people purchasing Florida homes:


1. The Homestead Exemption

Homestead refers to a property that its owner currently occupies. There are certain tax exemptions given to people on their principal residences.

In Florida, the homestead exemption can mean a reduction of $50,000 in the taxable value of a home. So if you qualify, you’ll be saving significantly on real estate taxes.

There are additional benefits for veterans, spouses of deceased veterans, differently-abled people, and those who are over 65 years of age. Further details on that can be found here.


2. Deductible Real Estate Property Taxes

The property taxes in Florida are deductible up to $10,000. If a married couple is filing separately, then the deduction can go up to $5000 each.

These deductions are available for primary homes, apartments in a housing cooperative, vacation homes, and Florida land. The property taxes must be deducted in the same year that they’re paid.


3. Interest on Mortgage

The interest that you pay on your mortgage payment is deductible. If the house was purchased before 15th December 2017, then interest on the first $1 million is deductible, and if it was purchased after that date, then interest is deductible up to $750,000 in debt.

To be eligible for this, the property must either be your primary residence or your second home. In recent years though, the rules have changed a little. The loan you’ve taken out should be used to either buy your home, build it, or improve it in a significant way.


4. Medical Home Improvements

This is one of the things that makes Florida homes so attractive for seniors. Costs that are more than 7.5% of a homeowner’s adjusted gross income can be deducted. In addition to that, any improvements that do not add to the home’s value can also be deducted.

The maintenance costs of those improvements are also deductible. If the improvements add to the value of your home, then the difference between the cost of the improvement and the increase in the home’s value will be deducted.

A happy couple in their Florida home

All of that sounds promising, doesn’t it? If you’d like to move to Florida to take advantage of the tax benefits, then get in touch with us at Del Prado Realty.

With over 25 years served as Florida realtors, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your home purchase and help you save on as many taxes as possible. Don’t just take our word for it; read what some of our customers have to say about our quality of service.

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4 Tips to Follow When Buying Real Estate In Cape Coral

A number of different beachfront properties

There can be several reasons why you may want to own a home in Cape Coral, from the fact that it makes for great vacation homes to all the benefits of owning a Florida home.

But before you undertake such an expense, here’s a little guide that’ll help you make the right choices along the way:

1. Look At The Property

If you’re purchasing Cape Coral real estate, then there’s a fair chance you’re going to be looking at a waterfront property.

In this case, it’s important to pay attention to not just the house but also the land around it. For example, some of the things you should be looking at include:

  • The seawall should be able to protect the house from water
  • If the house is near a water body, you may notice a lot of tourists around.
  • Ensure that the house can accommodate your boat if you have one already or are planning to purchase one later.


2. Find Out How To Monetize The Property

Many people pay a down payment on a home and then rent it out, using the earned income for mortgages.

If you’re purchasing the property with the intention of only visiting it occasionally, then it’s a good idea to find out the following things:

  • The best season to put it up for rent
  • Which type of clientele is best to rent it out to
  • How often does it need to be rented out to cover the mortgage payments

With Cape Coral already being a popular tourist area, you’ll definitely see enough demand for your rental house.


3. Loans and Insurance

Beachfront properties are expensive, and it’s not wise to put all your money into one property at a time, which is why you should research the types of loans you should secure beforehand and start working to attain them early on.

Also, if it’s a beachfront property, it’s best to determine how to insure your house to secure it in case of a natural disaster.

A person signing the papers for a Florida home

4. Get a Cape Coral Realtor


Getting a realtor in Cape Coral is one of the smartest moves you could make. At Del Prado Realty, we offer all sorts of real estate services, from homes for sale in Cape Coral to rentals, real estate maintenance, and new construction management.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Move To Florida After Retirement

A senior couple enjoying retirement at their Florida home


A senior couple enjoying retirement at their Florida home

Having retired after years of hard work, you may find yourself wondering whether it’s time to take on a new adventure. A lot of people decide to move after they retire, either for personal or financial reasons.

Here’s why retiring to Florida is the best way to take advantage of all your new leisure time:


1. The Sunlight

You’re probably tired of spending your days in air-conditioned offices and have a new affinity for nature.

Florida, known as the “sunshine state,” has mild winters that allow you to roam around comfortably without worrying about catching a cold or shoveling snow, and has great summers that allow you to go to the beach and sunbathe.

Living in Florida also offers all the health benefits that come with sunlight, including vitamin D.


2. It’s Tax-Friendly


Florida is one of the best places to move if you want to save your income from being taxed aggressively. Your social security income, pension, and retirement accounts aren’t taxed. There isn’t any state tax either.

What’s more, the property tax is lower than the country’s average rate, and you can also get a homestead exemption on the first $25,000 of your Florida home. The only regular tax you have to pay is the federal tax, and that is if you decide to continue working.


3. Senior Citizen Friendly Lifestyle


Florida’s growing reputation as a senior citizen-friendly state has led to an influx of amenities for seniors as well. The state has several gated communities that allow senior citizens to live with like-minded people and enjoy activities such as playing golf and visiting clubhouses.


4. Great Vacation Spots


Of course, you didn’t move just to stay inside your Florida home all day. The state has great tourist spots, from the beaches of Cape Coral to the theme parks in Orlando.

You can plan out several monthly trips with your nephews and nieces and never run out of exciting places to visit.


5. Continued Access to Family

Not only will your family be able to visit you easily when you reside in Florida, but they’ll be more inclined to do so because it’ll be like a vacation for your family, too; after all, Florida offers something for every age group.


A Florida Home

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? If you’d like to talk to a Florida realtor about getting a home in Florida, get in touch with Del Prado Realty.

Their team, led by Alexandra Fischer, has over 25 years of experience in the state and excels in helping people find exactly what they need at the best prices in the market.

Take a look at all the real estate options they have available.


Cape Coral Communities

Cape Coral Communities are growing and there are new boating and golfing communities. A variety of Cape Coral Communities are offering different lifestyles and amenities. Cape Coral developments or gated communities have been built especially for people living up north or out of state for a peace of mind retirement living. Many snowbirds come over the winter period to enjoy the Cape Coral community livestyle. There are many gated communities in Southwest Florida so one of your first decisions is the type of life style you want. You should decide if you want a golf course or boating community as well as if the community should be a gated community.
Listed below are some of the Cape Communities:

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Van Loon Commons

Located in Cape Coral this Gated, 10 acre residential community offers condominiums with spacious floor plans and a Mediterranean Theme. The residences can overlook a charming courtyard with three large fountains or the swimming pool area.

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Trafalgar Woods

Trafalgar Woods is an established, upscale gated community of 49 single-family homes located in Southwest Cape Coral. Over-sized lots and custom-built homes add to the exclusivity of this community. Trafalgar Woods amenities include tennis, playground, fishing pier, park and two lakes.

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Tuscany Court

news cape coral

The Tuscany Court community features 60 luxury condominium inspired by the Tuscany region of northern Italy. The five buildings are surrounded by private amenities. Residences include your private 1 can garage for parking and storage and can overlook lush landscaping.

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