5 Reasons That Makes Naples an Excellent Place to Live in Florida

 Beautiful trees on the beach in Florida.

Have you taken a new job in Florida? Or maybe you always wanted to live in The Sunshine State. Whatever the reason is, Naples should be your top priority for a place to relocate in the Gulf Coast region. Dubbed as one of the Paradise Coasts in Florida, the city has a lot to offer to single people as well as families.

We don’t need to tell you much as Naples will charm you from the moment you arrive. Perched on the Gulf of Mexico in Southwest Florida, It’s an ecstasy for nature lovers and beach aficionados. Now, let’s not waste any time and dive into the top reasons that make Naples an excellent place to live in Florida:

Incredible beaches

When we say incredible beaches, we literally mean it. We can categorically term Florida as the best beach town in the country. You’ll find the sight of beautiful white sandy beaches majestic and spellbinding. We’re using these terms because it’s truly magical. Naples beachfront — in particular — is dubbed as one of the best beaches around the world.


Weather is one of the biggest deciding factors for people looking to settle in a new city. Lucky for you, Naples has a great climate. It sees 264 days, on average, of sunshine per year. If you like rainy weather, you’ll love Naples’ tropical weather year. For outdoor activities, the best period is from January to early May and from late October to late December.

Florida home with a beachfront.

Safety and low crime rate

Naples has the lowest crime rate for a metropolitan area in The Sunshine State. The main reasons are the ban on seedy strip clubs and other eyesores that contribute to unwanted behavior. The Gulf Coast city is a global melting pot with one common factor: a peaceful living environment, making it an ideal place to live.


Naples is one of the healthiest cities in Florida. The residents have access to excellent healthcare. There are several hospitals across the city that offer exceptional medical care. It doesn’t come across as a surprise that Naples metro area secured the top spot for life expectancy in the 24/7 Wall Street’s May report.

Amenities and education

Naples has plenty to offer, from high-end shopping malls to playgrounds, quality restaurants, and golf courses. The city offers a wide range of excellent arts and cultural entertainment. Drowned in natural beauty, Naples also provides excellent opportunities for outdoor adventurers, including stunning natural preserves, Naples Botanical Garden, and more.

Final words

These five reasons were just a few of the many reasons why Naples is a perfect place to start a new chapter of your life. We could go on and on. Naples is composed of many tightly-knit neighborhoods. Excellent schools and educational experiences, coupled with a growing economy and diverse environment, will make you fall in love with the city.

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